Angelos Mission Ensemble
Angelos Mission Ensemble is a New Jersey-based, Christian chamber music program developed to nurture and train young musicians in leadership, character building, and musicianship. Read more.

AME’s mission is to provide a supportive environment where each student’s musical and spiritual development are encouraged through chamber music and in-depth discussion. Through fun activities, positive interactions and friendships that form, this chamber music program encourages values such as responsibility, leadership, cooperation, collaboration and harmony.

Every year, for 8-10 weeks beginning in October through mid-December, students from age 10 to 18 learn from a structured, themed curriculum taught by critically acclaimed, professional musicians. Each season culminates with public concerts in venues such as churches, local hospitals and nursing homes.

Located just across the GW Bridge, this program is easy to attend for students from both NY and NJ. Regardless of a students’ musical or spiritual background, all are welcome.


Carnegie Hall-Royal Conservatory Achievement Program

The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program (The Achievement Program) provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. Read more.

The Achievement Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the country. It also supports teachers with high-quality and innovative resources.

All students deserve the opportunity to celebrate their musical achievements nationally. Join the growing community of teachers, students, and families who are discovering the benefits of The Achievement Program as it enriches their lives.


Credo is a summer program of intensive chamber music study designed to nurture the serious music student artistically and spiritually. Read more.

What makes Credo totally unique among professional level programs is Credo’s celebration of musical excellence as a gift of the Spirit. Credo successfully brings together students from a wide variety of faith backgrounds in pursuit of understanding and implementation of the principles of compassion, selflessness, discipline and universal love. Led from a non denominational Christian perspective, the daily Morning Sing group devotional sets a positive context for coachings, rehearsals, lessons, recreation and informal discussion. Students also set aside one day per week for service to others in nursing homes and various service organizations in order to cultivate an attitude of giving back to others. Credo’s conscious redefinition of “success” produces amazing results in its students: significant musical growth and a new understanding of the joys and responsibilities of artistic excellence. The often life-changing experience of Credo helps its students be more engaging members of their communities, families and musical ensembles.

Credo’s mission is threefold:

• Develop the gift of music
• Acknowledge the Source of the gift
• Respond with service


Masterworks Festival
MasterWorks Festival is an intensive, four-week festival for advanced and passionate students of music, dance, and theatre. Each year, 250 students from around the globe participate in this unique festival that combines artistic excellence and biblically sound teaching. Read more.

 Students and a faculty of approximately 90 live and work on the campus of Grace College, in the quaint and picturesque community of Winona Lake, Indiana.

At MasterWorks, a wide variety of Christian backgrounds unite to glorify God in through performing arts and grow deeply in their faith. Spiritual highlights include topical Bible studies for performers, faculty devotionals, and Sunday worship services. Prayer is an integral part of rehearsals, classes, and performances.


National Guild
Founded in 1937, the National Guild is celebrating its 75th year as the leading service organization for community arts education providers in the United States. Read more.

Our mission is to support and advance access to lifelong learning opportunities in the arts. To do so, we foster the creation and development of nonprofit arts education providers by offering essential research services and information resources, professional development and networking opportunities, advocacy, funding, and high-profile leadership to 460+ member organizations and the broader field of 7,500+ community arts education providers nationwide.