“We feel so privileged to have found the Geneva Conservatory of Music in NYC. Not only does the school combine excellent teaching by world-class musicians, but our children also learn that music has a higher calling…it is a gift we’ve been given to bring glory to God.” — Monica, parent
“The expert instruction at The Geneva Conservatory has helped me to grow a lot as a musician. I love music now more than ever!” — Owen Gallagher, age 12
“It’s really fun going there [The Geneva Conservatory of Music], because the teachers are very nice and sometimes you get to play games. I do learn a lot. I like learning new songs, because I get better at it.” — Emilia Kovacevic, age 9
“Kudos to The Geneva Conservatory of Music for helping my first grader (!) gain a holistic grasp of both musical expression and technical excellence in an environment of structure and warmth. She is flourishing.” — Beth, parent
“My daughter has been studying at The Geneva Conservatory of Music for three years. She not only learns how to play [violin] but also music theory. To enjoy music theory at her age is a great thing. At Geneva, the kids are committed. We commute and it takes a lot of extra coordination, but I definitely feel it is worth it.” — Sylvia-Marie, parent
“The Geneva Conservatory of Music has allowed our sons to grow musically in performance, music theory, and perhaps most importantly, confidence and persistence in all aspects of their lives.” — Melissa, parent